Each BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. It creates opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. It is where conversations for the next-big-thing are happening.

What is Our Goal?

Every BSidesKyiv meets are interesting and unique.
This time our conference will take 12 hours from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am including party.
You will meet 6 speakers, 1 hour CTF, quest and a lot of competitions.
We want to build a strong and friendly community and hope you will help us!

May 18





Registration is opened. This year we have several types of tickets:
1. General tickets;
2. Tickets with party;
3. Ticket with support (include T-shirt and our respect).
Also, we pay students' attention on the possibility to receive discounts up to 400 UAH. For this you need to solve a simple CTF. You can use discount only if you have valid student ID and corresponding CTF's key. Use this link!
When you will get CTF's key, you can send it to us on [email protected] with your student ID number and we will send back promocode for ticket. BUT you need to take your student ID on conference!!! We will check it. If your ID isn't valid, you will not able to attend conference or you will need to pay in addition.
If you have any questions mail us [email protected]
Tickets number are limited!

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12:00 Registration
Morning coffee
Yuriy Konstantinovskiy
Known threats investigation in customers environment

Security Engineer SOC Network in Comodo. Have huge skills and experience in searching new threats, creating rules for detection alerts of network attacks and investigating them for timely detection of attacks, threats in the customer's network.

Den Iuzvyk
MITRE ATT&CK in Practice. Detectors, Alerting, Coverage.

Using MITRE ATT&CK to get visibility in the security monitoring environment. Writing detectors using SIGMA. Alerting with ElastAlert. Adversary emulation for finding coverage and gaps of your defence tools.
Den Iuzvyk is the co-founder and CTO at Simplerity Inc. a real-time cloud monitoring platform track every possible detail of your endpoint logs.

Lateral movement: hard to detect, easy to discuss.

We are IPT KPI 3rd form students Horodivskyi Vladyslav and Nataliia Tusina aka KryaTeam :)
We are working on the project, connected with lateral movement detection and we are quite ambitious to make the "initial breach" into the cybersecurity community, and to expand our rights in it ;)
The aim of our speech - to review modern lateral movement detection techniques , discuss their pros and cons, illustrate how to complement them to achieve effective functioning. The icing on the cake - recent leaked APT 34 toolkit analysis and what widespread methods can contrapose it.

15:30 Lunch
You are hacking-rebels from the future. You've obtained possibility to visit historic conference BSides Kyiv Spring 2019, on which the company HackerdyneSystems was created. In your time HackerdyneSystems hacked and pwned all the world. You want to prevent it from being created. You need to prevent two hackers from drinking together historical glass of the Rigas balsam.
However, the company was informed about your plans and sent by you Hakinator - a robot-hacker who was created to stop you.
Can you resist Hakinator and save the world?
Viktoria Pashchenko
Information Security Management in the small business segment.

Management vs IS. How you can organize IS department without budget.
СЕО Torgsoft.
Со-organizer of BSides Kharkiv & OWASP Kharkiv
People still can surprise me, but each time it's less and less.

Andrii Loginov
Fear and loathing in gov.ua domains.

Andrey Loginov is a specialist of a wide profile, well known in the cybersecurity community.
Co-founder of Ukrainian cybersecurity media "INSECURE"
He has started up a couple of cybersecurity projects and has 20 years of experience working in the telecom industry.

Alice Miller
Introduction to hardware security.

Alice is a co-founder of InSecure.Ua, co-organizer of Women in appsec Kyiv, BSidesKyiv and UISGCON14.
She is interested in hardware security not long ago, but this world is amazing and exciting. She will tell about differences between software and hardware security, common attack vectors and surfaces and side-channel attacks.


Taras Heichenko
DNSSEC and other DNS security.

Taras is one of the people who built the Internet in Ukraine since 90's. He started as an engineer in 1994 in the LuckyNet company and very soon continued as CTO. The crew of technics carefully selected by Taras built one of the best ISP of that time. After leaving LuckyNet Taras has been working in the technic staff of Kyivstar, the mobile communication provider, almost ten years. Last 9 years Taras works on the CTO position at the .UA domain registry Hostmaster LLC. Besides .UA Hostmaster he is also the administrator and the technical registry of most popular second level public domains in .UA. The technical crew of Hostmaster implemented the EPP protocol the registry-registrar communication, and it was launched in 2012. It is a modern unified protocol which allows ease connection of the new registrars to the registry of popular Ukraine domains. There is plan to start soon the DNSSEC extension which gives additional protection for the registered domain names.
Taras was graduated from the mechanic and mathematics faculty of Kyiv State University in 1989.

20:00 Party

We have prepared an unexpected surprise for you. With the help of our TechMaker friends.
What a surprise ??? Practical demonstration of working homebrew LTE / 4G network and the opportunity to play with it using off the shelf SDR. We will build a small temporary mobile operator with 10 SIM cards...
Is it interesting? Yes of course !!! So don't hesitate to register !!!

CS competition
Are you ready to Rock'n'Roll, CS1.6 style?
Flex your fingers and liver, and show everyone who's the most 1337 CS1.6 pro of the Ukrainian Security Community!
At BSides, we'll host a CS1.6 alco-championship, so you can have fun while you're having fun!
Don't forget to bring a laptop with mouse, and CS 1.6 installed.



UBI Conference Hall, 8 Dorogozhitskaya Str. (5th* floor), Kyiv, Ukraine

Event FAQs

This year we will have several tickets types:
1. General tickets - access to event zone, every speech and competitions.
2. Tickets with party - access to event zone, every speech, competitions and party zone.
3. Ticket with support - access to event zone, every speech, competitions, party zone, include T-shirt and our respect.
UBI Conference Hall, 8 Dorogozhitskaya Str. (5th* floor), Kyiv, Ukraine
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